sell linksDespite the fact that selling and buying links is not good according to the Google Webmaster Guidelines, it is done a lot and Google does it itself in the form of selling Adword links (the paid search results). When links are bought in moderation and selected properly, it can be worthwhile provided it is done to a very limited extent and properly researched. In our opinion, buying links is basically not necessary unless you are operating in a very competitive market. There are plenty of free links for most markets that allow you to rank the top of Google.

Sell ​​links

Suppose you have a pretty good site or blog and you want to make a little money from it by selling some links, how much can you charge for a link publishing? The price you can ask for a link depends on several factors, including:

Although Pagerank does not say anything about the “ranking capabilities” of a website and is easy to “game” (eg by buying dropped domains), Pagerank was an indicator that was often used to determine the price of many link sellers. Nowadays we use Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow and Citation Flow as quality metrics. My advice has always been not to focus blindly on metric, but also to look at the number of backlinks that a domain has from unique c-class ip addresses and manually check the quality of these linking domains and pages. Of course dofollow linksthat are naturally blended in a quality piece of content are preferred. If the page has got many interaction and visitors even better. Those will be the highest quality links and hardest to pursue. Creative materials and quality content can get you more attention especially when this is published on sites where your audience hangs around.

A domain with a natural link profile has backlinks from a varied number of domains that are hosted on different servers and thus IP addresses. In addition, the geography of those IP addresses in most markets is strongly linked to the target audience of the website (can be set in Google Webmasters). In many backlink checkers such as you look at referring domains, please note that this is not the same as referring ip addresses. More advanced backlinks checkers (who often need more time to find out all parameters) can find out the number of referring ip addresses and referring C-Classes.

Buy Links

Of course, the above rules for determining the value for selling links also apply to determining the value when buying links. If you want to purchase a link yourself and want to know whether it is worth the price, you can calculate this with the SEOChat “Link Price Calculator” below.

Calculate the possible link price below with the Link Price Calculator. Note that the tool does not always work well and is not a substitute for an objective specialist look at the link value as there are many metrics that determine the link price.

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