Link Building Strategy; Which Backlinks Work Well?

link building strategy
Communication With Webmasters
We prefer to use an email address related to your site for link building activities (eg ). If this is not possible, we set up a Hotmail account (eg your company ) that we use when creating accounts on blogs and forums and when creating other links and communication with link partners. You will receive the login details of this email account so that you have insight into our activities, communication and created links. We prefer not to work with Gmail as Google owns Gmail.

When all links have been created, you will receive the link building sheet in Excel format in your inbox. In the Excel document you will find an overview of the created links, the URL where you can find the link, date, the anchor text used and any comments. So you only pay for links that are actually placed and that you can find in this document.

Quality of the links created:

Link building Expert has a strong focus on creating links from relevant pages to relevant pages. Only in a few cases will we link from pages that are less relevant. This may be the case when we see an opportunity to get a link from a page with high PageRank, a .edu, .gov or other authority site.

We always start by researching the link profile of your biggest competitors to find out where they get their best links from and then see if we can get those links too. We always try to get as many dofollow links as possible as these links also pass PageRank to your site. Nofollow links are also important as they provide a natural and quality link profile. In addition, these links also ensure that your site will rise higher on the keywords that are used as anchor text, these links will also pass targeted visitors (and therefore potential customers) to your site. To further increase the quality of the link profile, we generate links from as many different sites and IP addresses as possible and we will create the links gradually.

Blog and forum links often have the advantage that an account has to be created where we can often share a bit about your company, upload a profile picture and create 1 or more extra links to the site. These links are also often indexed by Google and this work is included in the price.

Article Marketing and Guest Blogging:

Guest Blogging and Article Marketing are very effective as it is possible to get dofollow links from websites with high page rank and links from the content and you can profile your company as an expert. Google will index at most 3 links per unique article and it is therefore only possible to obtain 3 indexable links per unique article. In order to obtain new links afterwards, it is necessary to rewrite the article or to come up with fresh new content. Google doesn’t like duplicate content. An article is most effective when we can give away an incentive such as “a coupon code”, “free transport”, “free extra product with order” etc. Adding a video, white paper, podcast or plugin etc. also helps to make the article attractive and for linkbaiting. The most success with guest blogging is when you have current news to report or an article with tips and tricks is offered. Writing unique articles in English or Dutch costs €0.12 per word. Rewriting articles in English or Dutch costs €0.10 per word. Rewritten articles can be used for publication on your website (for example if you want to show which articles have been posted about you) or on newly created keyword rich domains that we can quickly find for you, register and blog on them. These websites build value and can be used as a link page and eventually expanded into a commercial site or sold.

Track Link Building:

Link building is best repeated monthly to build a natural link profile, but can also be performed once with good results. In addition, for €50 per month, you can receive a ranking report twice a month in PDF format with an overview of the rankings of all keywords and a progress overview with historical ranking data. This way you can see what progress we are making and we can also spot new ranking options.

Our results, which you can find here: speak for themselves, but if so If your site does not rise in the search results due to our efforts, then you are guaranteed to get your money back. We are proud that 95% of our customers come back for more business.

We would also like to work for you to increase your website for important keywords in the search results.

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