Choose your link building package of your choice below or request a tailor-made offer with the links you want via the contact page. If you want to put everything into operation immediately, you can immediately pay below with iDeal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Sofort, Mistercash, Bancontact, Bitcoin, Belfius Direct or KBC / CBC. The larger the package, the more discount you will receive. We can also spread / create larger packages over a longer period of time. After receiving your order, we will write the promotional items for you. We will have these approved by you before we publish them online. Writing the articles takes 5 to 12 working days. The normal delivery time of the link report and the keyword ranking results is 3 to 7 weeks from the moment of ordering and depends on which package you choose and your preference for speed of delivery.


Link Building Subscription Recommended But Not Required!

Google attaches great importance to the gradual growth of new links. This ensures that you build a natural link profile and if you maintain that continuity you can easily beat the competition if the competition is less successful. Purchasing a link building package every month ensures that your result will be much better. In addition, we then have more time to analyze your website, competition and more keywords and make recommendations if desired. If we see opportunities for you to rank better or improve your conversion, we will of course let you know. It may be that extra work is required that do not fall under link building, but we can usually take care of it for you.

General Information Backlink Packages

We only create links in places that are now well rated by Google. The increases generally have a long effect. The durability of the rising rankings also depends on the competition, whether they are not sitting still and whether your site is of sufficient quality (eg low “bounce rate”, long “time on site”). We have full control over all links we create, so if you ever want to change a link or text, you can do so at any time. With many link services you will find that your links or the blogs are removed after the link value has dropped from the sites or worse, the link cannot be modified as needed. The links that you order from us remain online as long as we exist and as long as the links have a positive effect. All link references are created by hand and distributed naturally. All texts contain unique information of good quality so that the reader remains as fascinated as possible, which ensures a higher “time-on-site”, which is another quality factor for Google.

Kwaliteit van de blogs artikel links

Alle blogs bevatten unieke content, hebben een unieke indeling en worden gehost op hun eigen A, B of C-Class hosting account zodat uw link profiel versterkt wordt met krachtige backlinks vanaf verschillende IP Blocks. De artikel backlinks die door ons worden aangemaakt komen te staan op de homepage van de blogs zodat u van de link kracht kunt profiteren van de homepage via een in-content link welke erg sterk zijn. Alle blogs hebben een gezond Nederlands backlink profiel en een gezonde domein historie.

Homepage Backlinks

De homepage backlinks komen dus op de homepage te staan en zorgen ervoor dat u profiteert van de link kracht van de homepage. We plaatsen nooit meer dan 15 links op die manier om zo de link kracht en kwaliteit van de blogs te behouden. Inbegrepen in de prijs is een gegarandeerde minimale plaatsing voor een jaar op de homepage. Daarna kan het zijn dat u na verloop van tijd uw promotie artikel op de 2 pagina van de blog komt te staan. Het artikel zal echter nooit verwijderd worden, de plaatsing is permanent. Wanneer u niet wilt dat uw artikel naar de 2e pagina gaat dan kunt u ons dat aangeven en om een offerte op maat vragen.

Web guide and directory links

We have also set up the web guides and directories entirely in-house. Various CMSs have been used for this, but you will often see WordPress guides. We have adapted many of these guides in such a way that you will also receive a homepage link here as long as your link is next to the new entries on the homepage slider. Your image will then be clickable there, after which the visitor will be directly redirected to your site. Furthermore, your listing will appear in various places on the guide such as in a related category, city (region), tag page (long tail keywords) and your own company page where there is also a link to your Google maps location through the embedded Google maps map with your business location if applicable. The link to your Google maps location also makes you easier to find in Google’s local search engine (Google maps). These entries are also permanent. So most links come from pages related to your niche. So if you have a financial site, your link will be placed on a financial category page where other financial sites are also listed.

Website Promotion On Advertising Sites With Backlink To Your Site

The advertisement is placed up every month for 1 year and ensures many extra website visitors who are looking for your product or service. The advertisements are kept online for at least 1 year. If it appears that you get a lot of visitors and sales from those ads (you can check this at the referring sites in Google Analytics) you can keep the ads online for only € 15 per year per ad text and also maintain the monthly increase to keep benefiting from more clicks to your site.

These are the ad sites and social media sites where your ad will appear with a link:

  • (PR5/DA66)
  • (PR6/DA52)
  • (PR4/DA45)
  • (PR5/DA45)
  • (PR4/DA52)
  • (PR3/DA42)
  • (PR4/DA50)
  • Facebook (PR9/DA100)
  • Twitter (PR10/DA100)
  • Linkedin (PR9/DA100)

Note: Only your ad on the ad sites will be automatically placed up. With Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin it is only possible to come back to the top by placing new advertisements all the time.

Link Building Package Prices

The above mentioned link building package prices are one time only but it is recommended to renew the packages monthly for best results. If desired, we can make a customized package for you with the links you want. Discounts are possible in consultation with a link building subscription or purchase in bulk.


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