Free 25 Social Bookmarking links per day with SocialMonkee

socialmonkeeWould you like 25 social bookmarks per day for free? Then take a look at Social Monkee. This is a social bookmarking tool that will help you get your (link) pages indexed. When you know how to use these social links well and use them in combination with good quality backlinks, these links will also help your results in the search engines.

Social Monkee Tips:

  • Get the most expensive plan for only $ 19.95 per month so you can post social links on the social bookmarking sites with a reasonably high Pagerank (PR4). This way you make good use of your time since the links are worth a lot more and your time is worth money right?
  • Build social links to your published press releases, articles and web 2.0 sites to supplement the tier 2 backlinks and generate social proof.
  • Use Socialmonkee to reduce the percentage of keyword anchor text links. It is best to give your strongest links your most important keywords as anchor text so that you will increase rapidly for those keywords. It is therefore better not to focus the keywords that you give in the anchors of your Social Monkee bookmarks too much (max 10% to 20%) on only your money keywords because then you will get a too high percentage of these keyword backlinks in your backlink profile and then you can get a penalty and it is counterproductive.
  • However, you can score on long keyword anchors (long tail) so that you still use your money keywords, but less conspicuously. So use generic words like “click here” “Click here!” “go to site” “view product” “view the site” “” “” “” and more such anchors that do not focus on a keyword.
  • Use the drip feed function to generate natural link growth.
  • Use the spin feature optimally to create unique texts and only use English texts because Dutch texts are not accepted.

Creating social backlinks is an important part of SEO. Social links to your site are important because then the search engines know that your information is shared and is therefore of interest to the users of the search engine. This will result in higher rankings in Google. Of course, you shouldn’t rely solely on Social Monkee as you should also get social links from other sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Google+ and Pinterest. In addition, other types of backlinks are also important such as directory, web 2.0, press releases, guest blog articles, video links etc.

Having social backlinks will also help your pages get more Trustrank and Page Authority and your pages will be crawled more often by the search engine bots.

Building a social backlink can be very time consuming and boring. Social Monkee is a tool that can save you a lot of time. Try SocialMonkee yourself for free and create 25 unique backlinks per day! That’s a total of 175 backlinks per week, 750 per month. When you upgrade you will be able to create 100 unique backlinks 3 times a day! That’s a total of 2,100 backlinks per week, and 9,000 per month! All social links are placed on unique C-Class IP addresses and domains.

Creating a social backlink post on SocialMonkee can be done in less than two minutes, but there is an even faster way! There is a Firefox plugin that allows you to post your page to 100 social sites in just a few clicks. With a premium account you also get access to linking reports and RSS feeds. So you can get your backlinks indexed quickly. Submitting your RSS feeds to RSS feeders is a very important step in link building because if the search engines don’t know that your link exists then it doesn’t count.

At the moment SocialMonkee is still free to try, so take advantage of this.

I hope you are now getting some more free social links through SocialMonkee, but don’t expect miracles from these types of free links. But would you like to receive more great Google ranking tips by email? Then don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss our offers and new content! And if you want really high quality backlinks that will give you more website visitors from targeted niche sites, you can visit our niche list via the contact page request. This is where you will find the most value from our link building services!