slechte-backlinks-vermijdenBuying backlinks can indeed be dangerous for your Google rankings. We are happy to explain what to look out for. There appears to be a lot of uncertainty about which links are good for your backlink profile and which links can harm your rankings. Of course we do not want you to be harmed and would like to protect you from bad backlinks. Often bad backlinks are offered very cheaply. You can often assume that the link does not meet the following quality requirements:

Quality and sustainability come at a price

Our link building services are focused on quality and sustainability. Before we start the work, we always first check the current state of your website and backlink profile before we get started. We will always want to achieve an optimal link profile and will therefore first look at the link profile of the highest ranking competitors in Google and compare the current link profile with this and report what the objective is. As a general rule you can assume that the longer we work for you, the more time we put into analysis, setting out the optimal strategy, establishing an optimal link profile and of course beating the top competition in Google. In addition, we always ensure that we have full control over the places where we create links. So if you want to remove or adjust links in the future, that is always possible.

Which backlinks can hurt your Google rankings?

There are quite a few cowboys and amateurs who think they can create some backlinks and make money quickly. They often use automated link building tools with which they can quickly create backlinks for all kinds of websites. Be especially careful with various internet marketing forums and sites like where you can buy cheap links. When many of these types of links are created in a short time, this can damage your Google rankings. Some types of sites that are commonly used for automated link building practices are:

Now it is not necessarily the case that when you get links from those sites, they by definition harm your Google rankings. This would be very rigorous and is not desirable for Google. For example, Twitter or Pinterest would be under a social bookmarking site and that would mean that all sites that have a link from Twitter would be damaged. This is of course not the case and this also applies to the lesser quality social bookmarking sites. However, creating backlinks in bulk is a dangerous activity. This means that suddenly many links are created (rapid unnatural link growth) where often many the same anchor texts and many the same or very similar texts are used. A rapid growth of links can be natural at, for example, a product launch or when a website is mentioned on TV, but usually this is not natural and Google can easily discover this when the texts and anchor texts are very similar.

Which backlinks are good for your Google rankings?

As can be seen from the foregoing, an unnatural accumulation of backlinks can be an indicator that someone is trying to influence search results to his or her advantage. Google’s filter will pick this up after which other filters will be released and in a very obvious case of large-scale ranking manipulation it will even ring a bell that a manual inspection is required. In a manual inspection all traces will be checked and all unnatural links will be devalued so that they no longer affect the ranking result and spam sites will be de-indexed so that they can no longer pass on link value. Some examples of backlinks that are good for your Google rankings:

How can you detect and remove bad links?

Detecting bad links (link detox) is now fairly easy with the help of one of the following tools:

If it appears that there are bad links pointing to your site, you should follow the steps listed on the next page:

If you cannot find a solution, let us know and we will track down the bad links for you, try to have them removed and in the latter case we will enter them in the Google disavow tool and do when necessary (with Google penalty or warning) a reconsideration request. Go here to order good backlinks and to the contact page for help in removing bad backlinks.