You have come to the right place to get long-lasting top performance in Google. Our backlink service includes SEO consultation and research into the optimal link profile and anchor text distribution. This is the only way we can guarantee that our activities will yield optimal results by building a natural and competitive link profile.

By working on your link profile every month, we ensure that your rankings are improved in a natural way and that you get more targeted visitors to your website and thus generate more sales. During the monthly on-page SEO consultation, we examine whether we can improve your on-page SEO and conversion rates with a few simple adjustments. The aim is to ensure that visitors who land on your site are actually encouraged to make purchases and quickly find what they are looking for.

We offer backlinks on sites that we have in-house. We offer both Dutch backlinks on .nl domains and German backlinks on .de domains. All sites are hosted on unique A, B and C-Class IP addresses. The ranking results can be found on our portfolio page.

BacklinkBuy High Quality Backlinks

We only create links in places that are rated by the search engines and that pass a lot of link value to your website. So you only pay for high quality links and not crappy auto-generated links that can be bought cheaply in bulk such as profile links, blog comment spam and posting articles to low quality blogs or article directories. These links will do your rankings more harm than good because they are usually quickly penalized by Google and your website will end up lower in the rankings.

Risks Are Minimized!

All backlinks are created by hand with uniquely written text that contains valuable information for the reader. This ensures that the reader remains fascinated (“time on site” is an important quality factor) and the chance is greater that an article will be shared on social media. Bounce rates are minimized by a good internal link structure and your article will be published on a blog or category that fits your niche. Blog articles are published on the homepage for at least a year so that you receive valuable homepage links. If after a year the homepage has more than 15 outgoing links, your article will naturally end up on the next page and therefore remains permanently online. For the best result, the number of links is expanded every month. Before we start linking, the optimal link profile is determined for your main keyword. We then determine the average anchor text ratio of the top 5 competitors and try to create a better link profile for you. Often times, our strategy allows us to get good increases in search results with just a few hand-picked links.

WARNING!!! Don’t be tempted to buy hundreds or thousands of links for a silly low price. These links will do more damage to your website than good. You do not want your website to get stuck on page 5 and not to rise any further because you have been banned because bad links point to your website, links are created too quickly (or too slowly) with the wrong anchor text ratio to your site? Detecting and removing poor quality links is a time consuming and costly job. It often happens that you cannot address the webmaster or that the webmaster simply does not want to handle your request for link removal (for free). We adhere to the guidelines of Google and the latest algorithm updates as much as possible, so that you run virtually no risk of a penalty. Risk can never be ruled out 100%, it is better not to trust someone who claims otherwise, because then they will not know what they are doing. We have all websites under our own management so if you ever want to have something adjusted, that is always possible.

“Linkbuilding Experts’ services are focused on long-lasting results, improving your Domain Authority, Trustrank and conversions!”

What Does Google Pay Attention To?

There are many factors that determine which page and position your website will appear on in Google. In addition to a search engine-friendly website and texts, search engines such as Google mainly look at the listings (links) to your website. Google highly values ​​the number of relevant references to your website that come from websites that are valued and trusted by Google. Important here are the number of referring A, B and C-Class domains, or the number of backlinks that come from different websites and Class IP hosting accounts and data centers. Preferably, a large portion of the backlinks come from websites hosted in the target country, but more importantly whether the language and domain name extension matches the site being linked to. Google also assesses your site by checking whether your website has a natural link profile and if the link growth shows a natural flow. The variation in link type must also be correct, so a good distribution between article, directory, business directory, video, social links and blog and forum links. Finally, the anchor text distribution is very important especially after the famous Google Penguin updates. A natural anchor text distribution now means that the link texts must consist of both targeted keyword anchors and non-targeted keyword anchors. At least 70% of your backlinks should not target the keyword you want to score on. And also the non-targeted keyword anchors must be frequently alternated with varied link texts and variations of “naked urls” (clickable links such as “”).

Our SEO Link Building Strategy

With our extensively tested and proven SEO link building strategy, it is possible to get websites in the top positions of Google for certain long tail keywords within a few days to weeks. For keywords with higher competition, think about weeks to months. The speed at which we can increase websites depends on the competition for the targeted keywords, the potential of your own site and the quality of the backlinks we create for you. For the best results, we will find out what your most important keywords are and which keywords we can use to get the fastest results so that you get your investment out quickly. For this we will first conduct a keyword research and examine the backlink profiles of the competition to find out with which backlink profile we will score best in the search engines. We choose keywords that have relatively many monthly exact local (e.g. Dutch searches if we want to score high in searches per month and relatively few competing pages with this keyword in the title of the page (the meta title tag is the most important indicator that the website owner wants to score high on this keyword). Once we have determined the keywords, we will see which links pass the most value to the competitors and we will try to obtain the same links and use them as well as possible with good anchor texts, link descriptions and images. So we will deploy our own strong network and beat most of the competition. For the real top keywords that consist of 1 word such as e.g. However, we also have to look outside our network of “car insurance”. We achieve the best and fastest results for SMEs, products and product categories of web shops and local keywords.

“When you buy a link building package from us, you will notice that your findability, visitor numbers and turnover will increase significantly.”

We can create the links below for you:

Who Are The Link Building Experts?

Since 2011 we offer our specialized link building services from Amsterdam under Simple SEO and Target Vision Media. Over the years we have gotten many websites in the top of Google with link building. We work according to the strategies of the # 1 in link building Eric Wards. Small and medium-sized companies can outsource their link building with us with confidence.

Most of our customers decide to extend their backlink campaign at the end of the process. In addition to good results, an important reason is that link building can best be repeated monthly. This way, continuity is maintained and you will build a natural link profile and become increasingly easier to find in Google. So take this into account before you start working with us. Regular customers enjoy extra services such as additional keyword research, spotting ranking opportunities, an occasional free bonus and conversion optimization tips. Our preference is for a collaboration of at least 3 months. Not only because we then have more time to achieve better analyzes and results, but also because we invest a lot of time in the analyzes before we get started.

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