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SEO Scan Requests

Gratis SEO Scan

For a successful link building campaign it is important that we first check whether your website shows good on-page SEO.

First we want to know what your goals are, what the market situation is like, what the competition is doing to achieve online success, how your conversion strategy works (conversion funnel) and other most important SEO factors that determine your success online. All in all, this determines your growth opportunities.

Website Architecture

Important factors that determine whether your website architecture works well for good ranking possibilities:

  • Is your keyword in the meta title?
  • Is this keyword at the beginning of your meta title?
  • Do you have your main keyword in your domain name?
  • Is your keyword in the meta description?
  • Are all your meta titles and meta descriptions unique and not too long or too short?
  • Do you have your keyword and related keywords (lsi keywords) in the H1, H2, H3 H4 tags?
  • Does your site have a good internal link structure with the right keyword anchors?
  • Does your site have search engine friendly urls?
  • Do you use the Alt-Tags of the images with keywords?
  • A single keyword in the Meta-Tag can help a little
  • The keyword density should not exceed 2% post Google Panda Update
  • Do you have enough text on the page?
  • Do you have no hidden texts or links on the page?
  • Is your content up to date and is your content updated regularly?
  • Does your site not contain duplicate content?

Link building analysis

Determining the current link profile is very important before we get started with link building. After all, we want to ensure that the link profile that now works well in Google and with which your top competitors score high, is improved so that you will be in the top. What do we pay attention to?

  • Number of external backlinks
  • Ratio nofollow / dofollow links
  • Number of referrals from unique domains
  • Number of referrals from unique IP addresses
  • Number of referrals from unique C-Class IPs
  • Ahrefs Rank
  • Domainpop
  • SEOMoz Domain Authority
  • SEOMoz Page Authority
  • Number of outbound backlinks linking page
  • Social media backlinks

Technical data of your website and source code

A website that loads quickly and complies with the standards will be indexed better and score better in Google. These are the points that matter:

  • The loading time of your site
  • Good display on mobile
  • Charging time on mobile
  • Optimization for mobile
  • Gebruikte programmeertaal
  • Programming language in accordance with W3C standards
  • Amount of code on your site
  • Directory browsing
  • Server signature
  • Dedicated or Shared Server IP
  • IP canonical
  • Robots.txt
  • XML Sitemap present and registered with webmasters
  • HTML Sitemap available
  • Lead form
  • Number of pages
  • Data and history of your domain

A number of factors about your domain can contribute to more trust and easier ranking of your site.

  • Age of your domain
  • Registration duration of your domain
  • Number of update and expiration of your domain
  • Number of domain references
  • PageRank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Whois data
  • Logged into Google Webmasters
  • Logged in to Google analytics
  • keyword research
  • MozRank
  • Moz Domain Authority
  • Moz Page Authority

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Dofollow Backlinks & Nofollow Backlinks, the Ultimate Mix!

nofollow-dofollow-backlinksWhen building link building it is important to create a good natural link profile. This also includes a good dofollow / nofollow backlink ratio. When the dofollow / nofollow ratio deviates too much from the norm in your niche and your top scoring competitors, this may indicate an unnatural link profile and be a reason for Google to assess your website more strictly. You can then end up in new Google filters that you otherwise would not have entered and this can therefore damage your rankings.

Determine Optimal Dofollow Backlink & Nofollow Backlink Ratio

It is therefore important to know what the norm is in your niche. Use a good backlink analyzer such as AHRefs.com and view the dofollow nofollow anchor text ratio of at least your top 5 competitors. Record this in your excel link sheet that you use for link building so that you always have it at hand when creating backlinks.

Advantage of dofollow backlinks

The advantage of dofollow backlinks is that Google counts the link juice in its algorithms and this can therefore have a positive influence on your Google ranking positions, provided the backlinks are of good quality, preferably relevant and created in a natural way. If a webmaster places a dofollow link, this actually means that the link is an addition to the article from which it is linked and that it is also relevant. Linking to relevant authority sites / pages can also have a positive effect on the ranking positions of your article. When the webmaster places a nofollow link, he actually wants to say that the article should not be associated with the page that is being linked to. If Google does associate the article with the linked page, Google might think that the article is also about that topic. This could ensure that the article will not score optimally for the desired search terms.

If you purchase a link building package from us, you will find this information together with the optimal anchor text ratio in the last tab of your excel sheet. The blog article, web 2.0 and web guide link are always dofollow and the ad links nofollow. So create a good mix of dofollow and nofollow links.

Search Engine Optimization Based On Profit Sharing


Do you have a great plan and / or a great webshop with a lot of potential and do you miss the budget to invest in good SEO and link building? Then contact us and convince us of your plan and the growth potential. When we think your idea has enough potential, we are highly motivated to make a success of your plan together with you.

Which websites are interesting to work with on the basis of profit sharing?

Before we enter into an agreement, we first want to know whether we can set up a fruitful relationship that works as desired for both parties. Important factors in which we make that decision and what we want to gain insight into are:

  • Google Analytics statistics
  • Number of unique visitors + demographics
  • Conversion Ratios
  • Sell ​​prices and margins
  • Quality and possible improvements that we can make to the site that lead to more visitors and / or higher conversion rates.
  • Unique content on the site and how much? Sites with duplicate content have little chance of collaboration.
  • History of the site and domain
  • Growth perspective of service / product

Based on these factors we try to visualize and calculate a future sketch. When we see enough opportunities in your market, we will come up with a proposal that takes our input and your input into account. When both parties can subsequently conclude an agreement, we will proceed to drawing up the contract. We hereby require you to work with us for search engine optimization and link building. In this way we are sure that no other party will change our strategy and possibly influence it negatively.

If you are interested in a search engine optimization agreement based on profit sharing, please contact us.

Optimizing Meta Tags For Better SEO & Conversions


As a webmaster you will recognize that when you create a page you forget to fill in the meta description or due to lack of time quickly shake a description off the cuff so that there is something in it.

Still, you can gain a lot by thinking carefully about a well-optimized meta description and meta title. The big advantage of well-optimized meta titles and meta descriptions is that less link building has to be done to achieve top positions in Google. With a relatively small effort, we can achieve good results very effectively. In this article, we are going to briefly explain to you how to make giant leaps in Google by analyzing and optimizing all your current meta tags.

“Example of well-optimized meta tags”


“Example of well-optimized meta tags”


How fast to optimize the meta tags?

In order to analyze the current meta tags we will first have to save all the url’s of the current site. This can be done by looking at the URLs that are in the XML Sitemap or if there is not one in the HTML Sitemap. If that is not there, you can go through all important pages, blog posts and category pages 1 by 1 and save them or of course create an XML Sitemap or HTML sitemap and save it on your site. You then enter the XML Sitemap in Google Webmasters so that all your URLs are optimally indexed. After you have saved all URL´s in for instance Excel, go to this site to extract all meta titles, descriptions and meta keywords and then download the csv file. You convert the csv file to columns and then you have a nice overview of all meta tags of the relevant pages.

Distribute keywords across the pages

Now you can do your keyword research and if you don’t have one, quickly create one via the Google Keyword Planner Tool or let a professional do an extensive keyword research for you. Maximum 2 to 3 good keywords per page. If you have keywords left, you can choose to create extra pages for this. Put the most important keywords at the front of the meta title and also somewhere in the beginning of the meta description so that they appear in bold in the Google search results when your page is visible when one searches for this keyword in Google. For the important pages and keywords you can see how the competition has optimized their meta tags by looking at the top 10 positions in Google. Of course we want our title and description to be better optimized for SEO, click through rate and conversion / call-to-action so be creative and make sure you stand out. It is best to leave the meta keywords tags empty or add at most 1 or 2 keywords as you can be punished earlier than these keyword tags will do well for your rankings as they were often used in the past to fill up with keywords in order to do so. to start ranking for those keywords. If you want to add keywords here, they must at least appear on the page. If not, delete them.

Meta Tags Optimization Outsourcing

A well-structured website ensures that your website is eligible for Google Sitelinks and a good display in Google

If you cannot find a solution or if you do not have the time or expertise to do this properly, it is better to outsource this process. We have been doing this for years and know how best to write catchy titles and descriptions. The big advantage of well-written titles and descriptions is that Google knows better what your site is about and which pages will rank for which keywords. In addition, your potential customers are more likely to click on your search result in Google when it is relevant and catchy. A good call-to-action or KPI will ensure that you receive more quotation requests. Internet users have little time and immediately want to see why they should choose you, so this really helps! In addition, a well-structured site with XML and HML Sitemap has a higher chance of obtaining Google sitelinks, which also contributes to higher click through rates (CTR). In addition, backlinks have much more effect when the on-page SEO is well put together. So for the optimization of your meta tags, outsourcing on-page SEO and link building you can contact us.

Linkbuilding Strategie; Welke Backlinks Werken Goed?

linkbuilding strategie
Communicatie Met Webmasters
Voor de linkbuilding werkzaamheden gebruiken wij bij voorkeur een email adres dat gerelateerd is aan uw site (b.v. ). Wanneer dit niet mogelijk is zetten wij een Hotmail account op (b.v ) dat we gebruiken bij het aanmaken van accounts op blogs en fora en bij het aanmaken van overige links en communicatie met linkpartners. U ontvangt de login gegevens van dit email account zodat u inzicht heeft in onze werkzaamheden, communicatie en aangemaakte links. Wij werken liever niet met Gmail aangezien Google de eigenaar is van Gmail.

Wanneer alle links zijn aangemaakt ontvangt u van ons de linkbuilding sheet in excel formaat in uw inbox. In het Excel document vindt u een overzicht van de aangemaakte links, de URL waar u de link kunt vinden, datum, de gebruikte anchor tekst en eventuele opmerkingen. U betaalt dus alleen voor links die daadwerkelijk geplaatst worden en die u in dit document kunt terugvinden.

Kwaliteit van de aangemaakte links:

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