nofollow-dofollow-backlinksWhen building link building it is important to create a good natural link profile. This also includes a good dofollow / nofollow backlink ratio. When the dofollow / nofollow ratio deviates too much from the norm in your niche and your top scoring competitors, this may indicate an unnatural link profile and be a reason for Google to assess your website more strictly. You can then end up in new Google filters that you otherwise would not have entered and this can therefore damage your rankings.

Determine Optimal Dofollow Backlink & Nofollow Backlink Ratio

It is therefore important to know what the norm is in your niche. Use a good backlink analyzer such as and view the dofollow nofollow anchor text ratio of at least your top 5 competitors. Record this in your excel link sheet that you use for link building so that you always have it at hand when creating backlinks.

Advantage of dofollow backlinks

The advantage of dofollow backlinks is that Google counts the link juice in its algorithms and this can therefore have a positive influence on your Google ranking positions, provided the backlinks are of good quality, preferably relevant and created in a natural way. If a webmaster places a dofollow link, this actually means that the link is an addition to the article from which it is linked and that it is also relevant. Linking to relevant authority sites / pages can also have a positive effect on the ranking positions of your article. When the webmaster places a nofollow link, he actually wants to say that the article should not be associated with the page that is being linked to. If Google does associate the article with the linked page, Google might think that the article is also about that topic. This could ensure that the article will not score optimally for the desired search terms.

If you purchase a link building package from us, you will find this information together with the optimal anchor text ratio in the last tab of your excel sheet. The blog article, web 2.0 and web guide link are always dofollow and the ad links nofollow. So create a good mix of dofollow and nofollow links.