Below are some Link Building Video Tutorials in which link building is well explained and where a number of link building strategies are discussed.

Below first a video of Will Reynolds. We could not have explained better ourselves that it is qualitative links that really matter and that all energy must be focused on this. Finding out high quality link options is a very time consuming task and can only be done faster with a lot of experience and a good database. Outsource your link building, so you can be sure that it is done effectively. Still, you can do a lot yourself if you put in a little time. Watch the video to get some great ideas on how to improve and expand the quality of your current link building profile.


In de volgende video legt Matt Cutts (de bekende man en woordvoerder van het Google Spam team) uit dat links verschillende waarde wordt toegekend aan de hand van de plaats waar de link terug te vinden is op de site. Het gaat hier dus om footer links, sidebar links, comment links, tekstuele links (deze worden uiteraard de meeste waarde teogekend, ook wel contextual links of in-content links genoemd), forum links, blog links, directory links etc.


SEO Quake is a free tool that allows you to estimate the competition. It is a tool to determine how many links are needed to beat the competition and how long it takes to do so. Wil Reynolds is very good at explaining how Google works. Especially the piece in which he talks about the fact that Google Pagerank doesn’t matter, but it does have high rankings, targeted visitors and conversion. That’s what really matters and we stand behind it 100%.

Soon videos of ourselves will also appear here.