Common Mistakes at Linkbuilden

Link Building ErrorsLink building is part of search engine optimization but requires specialized knowledge, skills and experience, which makes it a profession apart. Mistakes are often made in link building that can hurt your rankings in the search engines. Here we will discuss some of the mistakes that are often made that we want to protect you from.

Common mistakes with link building are:

  • Do not check the current link profile in order not to make quick profits with adjustments to existing links.
  • Not checking the link profile of the competitors. With this, the “quick wins” can be removed and new opportunities in the market can be uncovered.
  • Not taking geography into account. If you want to rank in, most links must come from Dutch sites.
  • Forgetting to deep link to deeper pages on the site.
  • Not taking into account the company’s online reputation when creating links.
  • Building an unnatural link profile, i.e. a link profile that is not balanced in terms of variation in anchor text, nofollow / dofollow, type of link created (e.g. article links, blog post, bookmarkings, etc.), disproportionate ratio of the quality of the link pages and Pagerank,
  • Falling into the trap of providers of automated link building. Logically consider whether it is possible to manually create more than 20 qualitative links in an hour and whether this contributes to a natural link profile.
  • Posting links in bad neighborhoods and having to clean up the mess later on which is sometimes not even possible if the webmaster doesn’t respond.
  • Do not think about the consequences of badly created links and links that will be worthless in the future after an update from Google.
  • Wasting time creating irrelevant links.
  • Wasting time creating links on low quality websites, that is, sites created for the sole purpose of promoting spam.
  • Make excessive use of link exchange and exchange links with irrelevant sites.
  • Creating many links on the same sites and not taking into account the C Classes of the ip addresses on which the links are placed.
  • Purchasing links from sites with high PageRank. Google is getting better at detecting this and will degrade these links and could result in a penalty.

As you can see, we take many things into account in link building and we are sure to build a natural link profile.

Would you also like to take advantage of the long-lasting benefit of natural link profile? Please contact us for an appointment. We are happy to help you set up a good link building campaign!