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Cloud Link Building How Does It Work And Is It Safe?

cloud linkbuildingCloud link building also known as Cloud Stacking SEO is a form of link building that takes advantage of the high domain authority of Cloud Hosting providers by usually providing a simple static (but can also be a dynamic website) HTML website to install on a subdomain or subfolder of the websites of these cloud hosting providers. The URL will then appear e.g. look like this: It can be a good way to add variety to your link profile, but in our view these are sites that are set up exclusively for link building purposes and therefore just like the startpage links (aka link farms) not suitable for a long-term link building strategy. Sooner or later these links will be penalized and then you will have a big problem because it can take a long time to get rid of a penalty and often you will never get as high as before the penalty. Our advice is therefore: think the way Google thinks! If a link looks like a link coming from a place made to influence Google rankings, get the link removed. Focus as much as possible on relevant backlinks from preferably niche websites. Contact us to discuss all niche opportunities for your industry. We provide high quality niche backlinks that not only ensure high Google rankings but also drive real website traffic to your website.

Below is a video explaining how it works. If you read the comments, you will see that there are several people who believe that you run a great risk of a Google penalty if you are going to create these kind of links.

How does Cloud Link Building work?

Below we explain how cloud link building works. Some well-known cloud hosting providers are:

Go to this url and sign up for a free account for Amazon Cloud services. You have to fill in your credit card details, but you don’t have to pay anything. If you are logged in to Amazon S3 create a “bucket” first. In the bucket you put the HTML website files.

How to create websites for cloud link building?

With Cloud link building you create real websites and you place your links on those websites.

So what you need is an html editor and an html template, you can download the free version of the HTML editor Mobrise for use. This HTML editor already has many HTML templates that you can use, but you can also search for “free html templates” in Google.

Download a suitable HTML template. Once the template has been downloaded to your computer, you can start editing it with your HTML editor. Just like a regular website, good content is essential to get your pages indexed in Google. Once you are done creating your html page with your content, upload it to AmazonS3. You can inspect the URL, and you can see that the domain name of your html page contains the in the URL. This means that your web page is a web page on a subdomain of the very powerful Amazon domain. Theoretically, this means a lot of Domain Authority redirected to your pages if your subdomain is linked from the main domain. This is basically the same principle as with a web 2.0 website that you can create on a high authority site like Your subdomain site will then become and you will also benefit from the interlinking structure of with your real subdomain site. However, indexation of these types of sites can be a problem and sometimes you waste a lot of time and effort on a website that will not rank in Google and therefore cannot send you link value.

If you were to buy a brand new domain name and link it to your Cloud Hosting and upload your web page there, you would not start with a Page Authority of 1 but, for example, a Page authority of 40. However, Google also sees that you have a new domain. and are using the Cloud Hosting service so it is very easy to spot. Each new domain takes a long time to build the Trust score and in addition do you have a lot of unique content and relevant backlinks needed to build up that Trust Score.

Video: Easily Create A Backlink On The Google Cloud Hosting

Below is a simple explanation of how you can quickly and easily create a backlink on Google Cloud Hosting.

I hope this has taken some of the mystery out of cloud link building. We certainly don’t recommend it, but if you want to try it out we wish you good luck and if you’re too lazy to make them yourself you can buy them cheap on Fiverr! For those who like to go for relevance and high quality niche backlinks (we have niche links for almost all countries), you can request all options via the contact page! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on offers and new content!


Link Building Strategy; Which Backlinks Work Well?

link building strategy
Communication With Webmasters
We prefer to use an email address related to your site for link building activities (eg ). If this is not possible, we set up a Hotmail account (eg your company ) that we use when creating accounts on blogs and forums and when creating other links and communication with link partners. You will receive the login details of this email account so that you have insight into our activities, communication and created links. We prefer not to work with Gmail as Google owns Gmail.

When all links have been created, you will receive the link building sheet in Excel format in your inbox. In the Excel document you will find an overview of the created links, the URL where you can find the link, date, the anchor text used and any comments. So you only pay for links that are actually placed and that you can find in this document.

Quality of the links created:

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Gratis Keyword Rank Check Tool

Google rank checkWith the free rank tracker tool below you can check keywords 1 by 1 for rank in Google. We ourselves use Link Assistant’s Rank Tracker to be able to check multiple keywords at once and to report with PDF reports. In our Rank Check reports you can find the following information:

  • Number of keyword searches for country-specific Google
  • Number of competing pages in Google index
  • KEI Score; Keyword Effectiveness Index
  • Found and highest ranking URL
  • Number of visitors you are currently bringing in through Google on those keywords
  • Check data and associated historical progress of the rankings in a nice clear graph.

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Free 25 Social Bookmarking links per day with SocialMonkee

Would you like 25 social bookmarks per day for free? Then take a look at Social Monkee. This is a social bookmarking tool that will help you get your (link) pages indexed. When you know how to use these social links well and use them in combination with good quality backlinks, these links will also help your results in the search engines.

Social Monkee Tips:

  • Buy the most expensive plan for only $ 19.95 per month so that you can post social links on the social bookmarking sites with a reasonably high Pagerank (PR4). This way you make good use of your time since the links are worth a lot more and your time is worth money right?
  • Build social links to your published press releases, articles and web 2.0 sites to supplement the tier 2 backlinks and generate social proof.
  • Use Socialmonkee to reduce the percentage of keyword anchor text links. It is best to give your strongest links your most important keywords as anchor text so that you will increase rapidly for those keywords. It is therefore better not to focus the keywords that you give in the anchors of your Social Monkee bookmarks too much (max 10% to 20%) on only your money keywords because then you will get a too high percentage of these keyword backlinks in your backlink profile and then you can get a penalty and it is counterproductive. However, you can score on long keyword anchors (long tail) so that you still use your money keywords, but less conspicuously. So use generic words like “click here” “Click here!” “go to site” “view product” “view site” “” “
  • Use the drip feed function to generate natural link growth.
  • Use the spin feature optimally to create unique texts and only use English texts because Dutch texts are not accepted.

Creating social backlinks is an important part of SEO. Social links to your site are important because then the search engines know that your information is shared and is therefore of interest to the users of the search engine. This will result in higher rankings in Google. Obviously, you shouldn’t rely solely on Social Monkee as you should also get social links from other sources such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Google+ and Pinterest. In addition, other types of backlinks are also important such as directory, web 2.0, press releases, guest blog articles, video links etc.

Het hebben van social backlinks zal ook helpen om uw pagina’s meer Trustrank en Page Authority te krijgen en uw pagina´s zullen vaker worden gecrawld door de zoekmachine bots.

Social backlink bouwen kan zeer tijdrovend en saai zijn. Social Monkee is een tool die u veel tijd kan besparen. Probeer SocialMonkee nu zelf gratis uit en maak 25 unieke backlinks aan per dag! Dat is een totaal van 175 backlinks per week, 750 per maand. Wanneer u upgrade zult u in staat zijn om 100 uniques backlinks, 3 keer per dag aan te maken! Dat is een totaal van 2.100 backlinks per week, en 9000 per maand! Alle social links worden op unieke C-Class IP-adressen en domeinen geplaatst.

Creating a social backlink post on SocialMonkee can be done in less than two minutes, but there is an even faster way! There is a Firefox plugin that allows you to post your page to 100 social sites in just a few clicks. With a premium account you also get access to linking reports and RSS feeds. So you can get your backlinks indexed quickly. Submitting your RSS feeds to RSS feeders is a very important step in link building because if the search engines don’t know that your link exists then it doesn’t count.

At the moment SocialMonkee is still free to try, so take advantage of this.


Backlinks Buying Dangerous? Google Penalty? Honest answer!

slechte-backlinks-vermijdenBuying backlinks can indeed be dangerous for your Google rankings. We are happy to explain what to look out for. There appears to be a lot of uncertainty about which links are good for your backlink profile and which links can harm your rankings. Of course we do not want you to be harmed and would like to protect you from bad backlinks. Often bad backlinks are offered very cheaply. You can often assume that the link does not meet the following quality requirements:

  • Relevance; the content from which the links come should match the content on your site as much as possible
  • Manually Created; Cheap backlinks are often created with automated tools and these tools can leave footprints that are easy for Google to track.
  • Unique Custom Written Content; The texts used are often “spun texts”. These are texts that come from articles that are structured in such a way that many articles can be made from 1 article that have the same content but different words, sentence structure and with really well-spun texts also have a different paragraph structure. If the texts are too similar, this is also easy to detect by Google. Another technique that is widely used for low-cost link building strategies is the web “scraping of texts” or stealing copyrighted texts from other sites. These texts are often simply passed through the Google translator in order to generate somewhat unique texts. Since Google owns the Google translator itself, it is very easy for Google to find out and punish these tactics.
  • Link Type Variation; if the links only come from directories, for example, this is not a natural link profile. Variation in link type such as article links, social links, ad link, blog comment and forum link (not too many forum profile links) is desirable.
  • Strong Domain; A domain valued by Google with a natural backlink profile, (see under the Inbound Link tab for the link progression of new links and the anchor text variation. for certain keywords).
  • Healthy Domain History; A good history, no wrong content, spam, virus injections, hacked sites, mallware, etc. (see
  • Domains on unique A, B and C-Class IP addresses; If the link builder does not have the domains on different C-Class IP addresses, this is easy to find out by Google. You can easily check this yourself with the Ahrefs tool. When Google discovers a network of sites, Google will roll up this network and any backlink value you had will disappear. You have lost your investment and cheap is suddenly expensive. Many link builders think that they can easily solve this with SEO Hosting, but this type of hosting also leaves a large footprint. Unfortunately, you can hardly check this yourself.
  • Various Whois data; When all domains have the same Whois data, it is immediately clear to Google that someone is trying to influence the rankings. You can easily check this yourself by checking the Whois data of .nl domains at and for most other domain extensions at

Quality and sustainability come at a price

Our link building services are focused on quality and sustainability. Before we start the work, we always first check the current state of your website and backlink profile before we get started. We will always want to achieve an optimal link profile and will therefore first look at the link profile of the highest ranking competitors in Google and compare the current link profile with this and report what the objective is. As a general rule you can assume that the longer we work for you, the more time we put into analysis, setting out the optimal strategy, establishing an optimal link profile and of course beating the top competition in Google. In addition, we always ensure that we have full control over the places where we create links. So if you want to remove or adjust links in the future, that is always possible.

Which backlinks can hurt your Google rankings?

There are quite a few cowboys and amateurs who think they can create some backlinks and make money quickly. They often use automated link building tools with which they can quickly create backlinks for all kinds of websites. Be especially careful with various internet marketing forums and sites like where you can buy cheap links. When many of these types of links are created in a short time, this can damage your Google rankings. Some types of sites that are commonly used for automated link building practices are:

  • Social bookmarking websites
  • Wiki sites
  • Advertentie sites
  • Link farm links (free for all, geen moderatie dus veel spam links)
  • Forum profile links
  • Startpagina clone links (onze ervaring is dat deze links eerder schade toebrengen dan goed doen)

Now it is not necessarily the case that when you get links from those sites, they by definition harm your Google rankings. This would be very rigorous and is not desirable for Google. For example, Twitter or Pinterest would be under a social bookmarking site and that would mean that all sites that have a link from Twitter would be damaged. This is of course not the case and this also applies to the lesser quality social bookmarking sites. However, creating backlinks in bulk is a dangerous activity. This means that suddenly many links are created (rapid unnatural link growth) where often many the same anchor texts and many the same or very similar texts are used. A rapid growth of links can be natural at, for example, a product launch or when a website is mentioned on TV, but usually this is not natural and Google can easily discover this when the texts and anchor texts are very similar.

Which backlinks are good for your Google rankings?

As can be seen from the foregoing, an unnatural accumulation of backlinks can be an indicator that someone is trying to influence search results to his or her advantage. Google’s filter will pick this up after which other filters will be released and in a very obvious case of large-scale ranking manipulation it will even ring a bell that a manual inspection is required. In a manual inspection all traces will be checked and all unnatural links will be devalued so that they no longer affect the ranking result and spam sites will be de-indexed so that they can no longer pass on link value. Some examples of backlinks that are good for your Google rankings:

  • Article links: if properly applied in a natural way, links from articles on other sites and which are seen by Google as sites of different owners will be very good for your Google rankings. After all, you will be written about and if it is not optimized in the anchor text for a certain keyword, the effect is favorable. However, Google will not see a cluster of sites on the same C-Class IP hosting linking to your site as natural and this will seem like someone with many sites on 1 hosting account is trying to influence the ranking of the site linked to. is going to be. Even if the domain name registration data is the same, Google will draw the same conclusions.
  • Business directory links: Business directories often provide more information about a business and are somewhat of an enrichment for the internet. These web guides also shape the internet because the entries are categorized and also at the local level. Google can organize the web better this way and therefore benefits from these guides. In addition, these guides are almost always well moderated so that there is almost no spam to be found.
  • Directory links: Provided these sites are well moderated, no spam can be found on them and these links are used with moderation they will make a positive contribution to your link profile. Obviously not every directory link is equally strong. Often the directories need to build some reputation. However, when the texts are unique, the links also come from unique C-Class IPs, then these links also have a positive influence on the Google rankings. The oldest and considered by many to be the strongest directory is DMOZ. Nowadays it is not easy to get into this web guide anymore because the moderation is pretty bad for many categories. This is because this guide is maintained by volunteers and not paid for it. If you manage to get into this directory, you can expect to be included in other web directories as well, as many directories take over the info from DMOZ 1 on 1.
  • Social Media Links: Although this is denied by Google, our experience is that these links do help to higher rankings. This could also be due to the snowball effect that these types of links can cause. It’s kind of soft word of mouth advertising.
  • Video Links: Many video upload sites allow you to post a link to your site. This is also the case with Youtube. In addition to the high traffic that YouTube videos can pass on to your site (especially when your video ranks in the natural search results of Google), a very targeted link from a video that is appreciated by the viewers is of course well taken into account. Again, moderation is an asset here. Do not buy cheap video packages where the videos and description are almost the same and the quality and shareability are hard to find.
  • Advertisement Links: These links can help your site to better rankings with moderation. More important, however, is the number of targeted and buying visitors that these sites can send to your website. When you have a well-formulated ad and advertise in a niche and on keywords that visitors to that site search for, you can count on quite a few clicks and perhaps sales.

How can you detect and remove bad links?

Detecting bad links (link detox) is now fairly easy with the help of one of the following tools:

If it appears that there are bad links pointing to your site, you should follow the steps listed on the next page:

If you cannot find a solution, let us know and we will track down the bad links for you, try to have them removed and in the latter case we will enter them in the Google disavow tool and do when necessary (with Google penalty or warning) a reconsideration request. Go here to order good backlinks and to the contact page for help in removing bad backlinks.

Search Engine Optimization Based On Profit Sharing

moneyDo you have a great plan and / or a great webshop with a lot of potential and do you miss the budget to invest in good SEO and link building? Then contact us and convince us of your plan and the growth potential. When we think your idea has enough potential, we are highly motivated to make a success of your plan together with you.

Which websites are interesting to work with on the basis of profit sharing?

Before we enter into an agreement, we first want to know whether we can set up a fruitful relationship that works as desired for both parties. Important factors in which we make that decision and what we want to gain insight into are:

  • Google Analytics statistics
  • Number of unique visitors + demographics
  • Conversion Ratios
  • Sell prices and margins
  • Quality and possible improvements that we can make to the site that lead to more visitors and / or higher conversion rates.
  • Unique content on the site and how much? Sites with duplicate content have little chance of collaboration.
  • History of the site and domain
  • Growth perspective of service / product

Based on these factors we try to visualize and calculate a future sketch. When we see enough opportunities in your market, we will come up with a proposal that takes our input and your input into account. When both parties can then conclude an agreement, we will proceed to drawing up the contract. We would like you to work with us for search engine optimization and link building. In this way we are sure that no other party will change our strategy and possibly influence it negatively.

If you are interested in a search engine optimization agreement based on profit sharing, please contact us.

SEO Scan Aanvragen

Gratis SEO Scan

For a successful link building campaign it is important that we first check whether your website shows good on-page SEO.

First we want to know what your goals are, what the market situation is like, what the competition is doing to achieve online success, how your conversion strategy works (conversion funnel) and other most important SEO factors that determine your success online. All in all, this determines your growth opportunities.

Website Architecture

Important factors that determine whether your website architecture works well for good ranking possibilities:

  • Is your keyword in the meta title?
  • Is this keyword at the beginning of your meta title?
  • Do you have your main keyword in your domain name?
  • Is your keyword in the meta description?
  • Are all your meta titles and meta descriptions unique and not too long or too short?
  • Do you have your keyword and related keywords (lsi keywords) in the H1, H2, H3 H4 tags?
  • Does your site have a good internal link structure with the correct keyword anchors?
  • Does your site have search engine friendly urls?
  • Do you use the Alt-Tags of the images with keywords?
  • A single keyword in the Meta-Tag can help a little
  • The keyword density should not exceed 2% post Google Panda Update
  • Do you have enough text on the page?
  • Do you have no hidden texts or links on the page?
  • Is your content up to date and is your content updated regularly?
  • Does your site not contain duplicate content?
  • Link building analysis

Determining the current link profile is very important before we get started with link building. After all, we want to ensure that the link profile that now works well in Google and with which your top competitors score high, is improved so that you will be in the top. What do we pay attention to?

  • Number of external backlinks
  • Ratio nofollow / dofollow links
  • Number of referrals from unique domains
  • Number of referrals from unique IP addresses
  • Number of referrals from unique C-Class IPs
  • Ahrefs Rank
  • Domainpop
  • SEOMoz Domain Authority
  • SEOMoz Page Authority
  • Number of outbound backlinks linking page
  • Social media backlinks
  • Technical data of your website and source code

A website that loads quickly and complies with the standards will be indexed better and score better in Google. These are the points that matter:

  • The loading time of your site
  • Good display on mobile
  • Charging time on mobile
  • Optimization for mobile
  • Programming language used
  • Programming language in accordance with W3C standards
  • Amount of code on your site
  • Directory browsing
  • Server signature
  • Dedicated or Shared Server IP
  • IP canonical
  • Robots.txt
  • XML Sitemap present and registered with webmasters
  • HTML Sitemap available
  • Lead form
  • Number of pages
  • Data and history of your domain

A number of factors about your domain can contribute to more trust and easier ranking of your site.

  • Age of your domain
  • Registration duration of your domain
  • Number of update and expiration of your domain
  • Number of domain references
  • PageRank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Whois data
  • Signed into Google Webmasters
  • Logged in to Google analytics
  • Keyword research
  • MozRank
  • Moz Domain Authority
  • Moz Page Authority

Request more information about an SEO Scan


Increasing Domain Authority With Link Building, How Does It Work?

Although Domain Authority is only an indicator of to measure the popularity of your site and does not directly determine whether you will rank high for a certain keyword, it is nice to know how many links you need to increase your Domain Authority and it is a quick and easy indicator to determine the value of a site or page.

Domain Authority is a better indicator to determine if a site is worth getting a link from then Pagerank which was Google metric and has been discontinued. You can download the free SEOBook Toolbar to view this data from every page you visit.

Below we briefly explain Pagerank value which is similar to Domain Authority:

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Linking To Authority Site Can Improve Search Engine Results!

Most people think that it is unwise to link to other websites because they are afraid that they will lose link value to the site they are linking to and that the internal links will therefore be worth less and thus they will come out lower in the search results for their important keywords. When I am asked to optimize a website for SEO, I often encounter this problem. Often no other websites are linked, which in the eyes of Google seems rather selfish. A regular website with good information will always consult various sources and give credits to the original source.

Where can I link to?

Of course it is not wise to link to all kinds of obscure places on the internet or to sources that have nothing to do with the subject of your site. However, it is good to link to high quality websites that are strongly related to the topic of the article. The article must in turn connect well with the topic of the website. It is always better to focus a website on 1 specific topic. That way, it becomes a lot easier to get high in Google for the important keywords in this niche. The fact is that external links can certainly contribute to better results in the search engine as Google will associate your website with these high quality sources and you will be seen as more credible when you consult and refer to high quality sources.

Give first, then receive

When you link from your website to other websites, this can ensure that you also get links back. When you see that you regularly link from your articles to other relevant websites, you will also be more inclined to link back to your website without any cost. Outbound links can therefore also contribute to obtaining high quality links! In addition, it ensures that your articles are substantiated by the source citation which ensures a better user experience and it will also lower the bounce rate which is an important on-page seo indicator for Google.

When you show your website visitors that they can find a lot of qualitative information on your website, they will also come back sooner, which therefore ensures a repeat visit. The more good information you provide, the longer your visitors linger and the more they allow you business. Of course you can strategically pitch your services if this matches the information you provide.

Some tips for a good outbound link strategy

  • When linking out to other sites make sure you open the outbound links in a new window. This will keep the page of your website open and this will ensure that the bounce rate on your website remains low. You can do this by adding this tag to the html code of the link target = “_ blank”. Your link may then look like this: <a href=”” target=”_blank”> Link building </a>
    You can do that hier oefenen!
  • Link only to high quality sites
  • Make sure that the design fits perfectly with the niche your website focuses on!
  • In Worpdress (and many other CMS systems) you can set your websites to “ping” if you link out. Some websites have the ping enabled so that links appear at the bottom of the article to websites that link to that article. So you immediately get a backlink!
  • Make sure your links have a striking color that fits well with your site color palette. Blue is the most common color and research also shows that this is the color that is most clicked. Make sure the link is “follow” and notnoffolow“.
  • Your link may then look like this: <a href=””> Link building </a> As you can see you don’t need to add the tag rel = “follow”. If you want to make your link nofollow, you must add a tag, namely rel = “nofollow”, but with a follow link you don’t have to because a link is already follow by default. Here you can practice giving a nofollow or a dofollow tag.
  • For outgoing links it is possible to add an icon indicating that it is an outgoing link. This way your website reader will not be surprised when they are redirected to another website. Below you can see some examples of such an icon. For WordPress there are several plugins available with which you can treat external links differently and, for example, add such an external icon or, for example, give a follow or noffolow.

external link icons


There are many SEO experts who recommend using little or no external links. However, I believe that outbound links add to the user experience and are a good maneir to show Google which sites you want to be associated with. In addition, crediting the original source is simply a good way to improve your credibility and reward the author for good insights. When you link out, you also put yourself on the map with the person who receives the link because that website owner will also check his backlinks every so often and will also take a look at your website. Perhaps you also get something out of it in that way.