AboutUs Free On Page SEO ReportAboutUs.org is an old directory with a Domain Authority of 56. This site is highly rated by Google, so a link from this site can help get your site up in Google search results. In addition to the free link option that this site offers, they also offer an on-page SEO analysis and a commercial SEO report for free.

Free on-page SEO Analysis from AboutUs.org

The free analysis is visible after filling in your lick details and is limited to an on-page SEO score, rating of the titles, headers and keyword density.

Commercial SEO reporting from AboutUs.org

The commercial SEO Report offers a guide how the SEO for the website can be improved with certain adjustments. We ourselves use other SEO Tools for on-page SEO analysis such as Website Auditor, but for people with little knowledge of SEO, a manual can be easier because they do not have to analyze the data themselves and come up with conclusions. All conclusions and recommendations are described in the report. Yet someone with little knowledge of web design will not be able to do much with this. The SEO report will then have to be delivered to the web designer who will have to improve the technical matters.

The cost for the commercial reporting is $ 99 per year. This includes that the rankings for 20 keywords are kept for your site and those of your competitors. Another tool that you can use for this (with unlimited keywords and competitors) is Rank Tracker. We also use this tool ourselves and it is very easy to use.

Make at least a valuable link on the AboutUs Directory and if you want to provide your web designer with an SEO manual, the commercial SEO reporting from AboutUs can be a solution.