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Link Building Strategy; Which Backlinks Work Well?

link building strategy
Communication With Webmasters
We prefer to use an email address related to your site for link building activities (eg ). If this is not possible, we set up a Hotmail account (eg your company ) that we use when creating accounts on blogs and forums and when creating other links and communication with link partners. You will receive the login details of this email account so that you have insight into our activities, communication and created links. We prefer not to work with Gmail as Google owns Gmail.

When all links have been created, you will receive the link building sheet in Excel format in your inbox. In the Excel document you will find an overview of the created links, the URL where you can find the link, date, the anchor text used and any comments. So you only pay for links that are actually placed and that you can find in this document.

Quality of the links created:

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