spelfouten linkbuidlingGenerating traffic to your website quickly and easily can be done easily by mentioning common spelling mistakes on your site. If you are well acquainted with your market and write a lot of texts, you probably know which types of mistakes you often make yourself. Due to the layout of the keyboard, some letter combinations are more difficult to make and therefore spelling mistakes are made more often and therefore also with searches in Google.

UPDATE 13-01-2015: Nowadays the spelling errors are often automatically corrected in Googel and so when the auto correction occurs you will search for the keyword without spelling error. This technique is no longer as effective as it used to be, but it still works for the keywords that are not automatically corrected.

Common spelling mistakes in Google searches

googelKnown spelling mistakes that are very common in searches are those for the keyword of the search giant itself. Google searches when searching for Google products include the following spelling mistakes:

Linkbuidling searches include these spelling mistakes:

There is a good chance that you came to this page via Google by typing in the keyword link building or maybe even 1 of the Googel spelling errors mentioned above.

Create links to your pages with spelling errors.

seo linkbuidling spelfouten Since there are few people who optimize for keywords with spelling errors, you can only get a few links in the top of google. For example, you can quickly create a free home page or free hosted blog (think of blogger, for example) with the title the spelling error and have your link with anchor text point the spelling error to the relevant page with spelling error. There is a good chance that you will be at the top of Google for the said spelling error within a few days.

Good luck with your link building and spelling mistakes;)