Remove bad backlinks with Google Disavow tool
Specify bad links through the Google Disavow Links Tool, requesting that they be excluded from their algorithms

Do you have a number of links pointing to your site that you would prefer not to point to your site after the Pinguin and Panda updates? You may have ever joined a blog network, bought a domain with bad links or someone pointed a bad link to your site, or maybe you bought such a cheap spam link building package somewhere to test it. . Now you have the option to not count those bad links to your site by Google by entering these links in Google’s Disavow Links Tool.

Below Matt Cuts explains how this works and how you can then make a Google reconsideration request.

So the tool is meant for only really bad links like de-indexed blog network links, profile links, blog comment spam and thousands of spammy social bookmarks with duplicate content that you can buy for $ 30. Collect these links in a txt file and submit the request along with your arguments.

How do you prepare your bad link list?

Example of what such a note file will look like:

# Website owner requested to remove link, unfortunately no response received

A number of tips when applying for reconsideration from Google:

Good luck and use in moderation or rather not at all. You shouldn’t need it if you haven’t created spam links, bought bad links, or bought domains with bad links. Of course you can always be unlucky that your link ends up in the wrong place, or a site is no longer trusted after a while because the site has been hacked, for example. You can’t control everything, so it’s good that this tool is finally here.