gratis-seo-toolsBuilding a website is not a one-off action that you never have to worry about again. Ultimately, the website must attract an audience because it was built for that. There is a lot of work and effort in achieving the highest SEO ranking. The question now is; “Which tools can help with this and what should be paid for?” We then look at some free SEO tools with their associated features.

We will give you a review of some free SEO tools and let you know their functionalities and give tips for both new and professional users. Please note that not all functions are described and that this concerns a selection of the most eye-catching options. Ultimately, only your imagination places limits on what you can do with it. It concerns the following sites:

  1. Ahrefs-seo-toolbar
    A link for avid Firefox users. The site provides information on how to download the functions but is only available in English. The information is unclear and it takes a lot of time to find the right information. This site is not user friendly for the newbies but for the old ones it is well worth a look.
  2. SEObook
    At first glance there is a lot of information available, often with illustrations for clarification. There are also some video tutorials for users who want information quickly and do not have time to read the text. The site explains in detail how the rankings are indicated and is recommended.
  3. SEOmoz
    An extensive range of SEO related products, but not all of them are free. There is information available in English and the products range from Analytics to Web Explorers to Rank Trackers to Keyword Difficulty and more. For those interested there is a 30 day Free Trial option. Open Site Explorer is a free tool.
  4. Yoast Disable Personalized Search Plugin Voor Firefox
    Focus is on WordPress but also on Conversion Rate Optimization, Magento, Social Media and Analytics Goals Setup and many other features. It is not clear which of these features are free. There is an option to receive training for companies that want to do this. Information is individually aligned per country.
  5. SEOprofiler
    This site provides free information but it is mandatory to provide the URL of your website, an email address and password before the information is made available. If you are a DIY enthusiast, this may not be the best site for getting relevant information. For others who want to get the job done, a look is worthwhile.
  6. SEOkicks
    Previously only in German but now also in English. The backlink database contains more than 50 trillion dataset links collected in its entirety using proprietary web crawlers. The bandwidth is continuously expanded so that more volume is made available every time. A domain must be entered here to obtain the desired information. It is useful to check the backlinks of the competitors and try to use those backlinks for your own link building.
  7. W3C Link Checker
    At first sight, rather scant information is available. There is a space to enter a URL which is then checked for ranking. This is a site for the more advanced SEO aficionados who know what they are looking for.
    Here you can check up to 250 domains for DA and PA values once a day free of charge. There is no need to create an account.
    Here you can check 100 domains at a time online for free for DA and PA values without having to register an account.
  10. Robin Gupta´s Bulk Domain Authority Checker
    Here is the possibility to check Bulk Domain Authority, Alexa Ranking, Page Ranking and IP address. SEO service is also offered, Niche Link Building and Graphic design for websites. It is more aimed at the professional users and companies. The free tools are limited.
  11. Buzzstream´s Meta Tag Extractor
    This site provides free options such as Email research Tool, Link Building Query Generator, Page Title Description and URL Extraction, HTML Link Extraction and for subscribers to this website there are services such as Link Buzzmarker, Listbuilder, Social Influencer Research Tool, Influence Evaluation Tool and a Outreach module.


Of course it is useful if after a while one can judge at a glance whether it is worthwhile or not. When determining SEO ranking, a sixth sense is developed for knowing which keywords and markets are best. However, it is always useful to have additional data points, especially when it comes to new markets.

Most of these tools can determine the value of the markets with a high degree of accuracy. They extract valuable information and marketing data points to display an overview of the totality and competitive position at a glance. The links to the data sources are also available to gain a deeper insight.

This is by no means a complete picture of what is available on the internet. We have only selected a few sites that we believe can give a try for everyone who has to do with free offerings of SEO-related tools. It would be best to hire an expert, but for the adventurous computer tinkerers this is an ideal starting point.