link building workshop

Would you like to instruct your staff on how to effectively link building without harming your ranking? This can be done by means of a link building training that can be conducted on location or via a Skype (conference) video call. With all training courses you will receive valuable link building cheat sheets that will quickly take your link building productivity to a higher level so that you can make the most of your time in link building and of course your investments yield optimal results.

Link building Expert has developed an effective link building step-by-step plan that we can present in house or by Skype and explain through practical cases. In addition, we will jointly carry out a number of link building assignments, analyze and discuss together how the best link building strategy should look like for your company.

The in-house link building training courses are held for a minimum of 5 people and the costs are € 150 ex VAT per person per hour.

The costs for a likbuilding workshop via a Skype video call are significantly cheaper since we have no travel costs and therefore spend less time. The costs for a workshop via Skype are only € 75 ex. VAT per person per hour.

For more information about link building workshops, please feel free to contact us.