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Finding valuable link partners in your network and determining link value for the exchange of links

link network

You can easily score valuable links by looking at the people who are in your network as these people are more open to help you and these link partners are more reliable. Of course you can always check whether link partners still link back with a backlink tool such as Link Assistant, but it is still better to do business with people you can trust.

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What is Link Building?

linkOn this website you will find a lot of information about link building, but what exactly is link building? We will try to briefly explain this to you here. Link building is the strategic acquisition of links to one’s own site from different link sources with the aim of making one’s own site score higher in the search engines on certain keywords. By making smart use of anchor texts (these are the link texts that can usually be given when creating a link) and placing the links on relevant sites, one can ensure that the site will rise on the keywords that we provide in the anchor texts. In addition, the site will often increase on related keywords, both long tail and short tail keywords, ie keyword combinations consisting of 1 or more keywords.

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1000 Search Engine Search Queries for your link building campaign

Google search queries for link buildingHere is a comprehensive list of search engine search queries for beginners and advanced users that can help you find potential link options that will aid in your link building activities. Note most of these search queries relate to finding link options in America, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), India, Australia and New Zealand. When you adjust the keywords, they are also applicable for finding Dutch link options.

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Linkbuilding Strategie; Welke Backlinks Werken Goed?

linkbuilding strategie
Communicatie Met Webmasters
Voor de linkbuilding werkzaamheden gebruiken wij bij voorkeur een email adres dat gerelateerd is aan uw site (b.v. ). Wanneer dit niet mogelijk is zetten wij een Hotmail account op (b.v ) dat we gebruiken bij het aanmaken van accounts op blogs en fora en bij het aanmaken van overige links en communicatie met linkpartners. U ontvangt de login gegevens van dit email account zodat u inzicht heeft in onze werkzaamheden, communicatie en aangemaakte links. Wij werken liever niet met Gmail aangezien Google de eigenaar is van Gmail.

Wanneer alle links zijn aangemaakt ontvangt u van ons de linkbuilding sheet in excel formaat in uw inbox. In het Excel document vindt u een overzicht van de aangemaakte links, de URL waar u de link kunt vinden, datum, de gebruikte anchor tekst en eventuele opmerkingen. U betaalt dus alleen voor links die daadwerkelijk geplaatst worden en die u in dit document kunt terugvinden.

Kwaliteit van de aangemaakte links:

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Common Mistakes at Linkbuilden

Link Building ErrorsLink building is part of search engine optimization but requires specialized knowledge, skills and experience, which makes it a profession apart. Mistakes are often made in link building that can hurt your rankings in the search engines. Here we will discuss some of the mistakes that are often made that we want to protect you from.

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Link Building Workshop Via Skype or In-House Link Building Training

link building workshop

Would you like to instruct your staff on how to effectively link building without harming your ranking? This can be done by means of a link building training that can be conducted on location or via a Skype (conference) video call. With all training courses you will receive valuable link building cheat sheets that will quickly take your link building productivity to a higher level so that you can make the most of your time in link building and of course your investments yield optimal results.

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