Cloud Link Building How Does It Work And Is It Safe?

cloud linkbuildingCloud link building also known as Cloud Stacking SEO is a form of link building that takes advantage of the high domain authority of Cloud Hosting providers by usually providing a simple static (but can also be a dynamic website) HTML website to install on a subdomain or subfolder of the websites of these cloud hosting providers. The URL will then appear e.g. look like this: It can be a good way to add variety to your link profile, but in our view these are sites that are set up exclusively for link building purposes and therefore just like the startpage links (aka link farms) not suitable for a long-term link building strategy. Sooner or later these links will be penalized and then you will have a big problem because it can take a long time to get rid of a penalty and often you will never get as high as before the penalty. Our advice is therefore: think the way Google thinks! If a link looks like a link coming from a place made to influence Google rankings, get the link removed. Focus as much as possible on relevant backlinks from preferably niche websites. Contact us to discuss all niche opportunities for your industry. We provide high quality niche backlinks that not only ensure high Google rankings but also drive real website traffic to your website.

Below is a video explaining how it works. If you read the comments, you will see that there are several people who believe that you run a great risk of a Google penalty if you are going to create these kind of links.

How does Cloud Link Building work?

Below we explain how cloud link building works. Some well-known cloud hosting providers are:

Go to this url and sign up for a free account for Amazon Cloud services. You have to fill in your credit card details, but you don’t have to pay anything. If you are logged in to Amazon S3 create a “bucket” first. In the bucket you put the HTML website files.

How to create websites for cloud link building?

With Cloud link building you create real websites and you place your links on those websites.

So what you need is an html editor and an html template, you can download the free version of the HTML editor Mobrise for use. This HTML editor already has many HTML templates that you can use, but you can also search for “free html templates” in Google.

Download a suitable HTML template. Once the template has been downloaded to your computer, you can start editing it with your HTML editor. Just like a regular website, good content is essential to get your pages indexed in Google. Once you are done creating your html page with your content, upload it to AmazonS3. You can inspect the URL, and you can see that the domain name of your html page contains the in the URL. This means that your web page is a web page on a subdomain of the very powerful Amazon domain. Theoretically, this means a lot of Domain Authority redirected to your pages if your subdomain is linked from the main domain. This is basically the same principle as with a web 2.0 website that you can create on a high authority site like Your subdomain site will then become and you will also benefit from the interlinking structure of with your real subdomain site. However, indexation of these types of sites can be a problem and sometimes you waste a lot of time and effort on a website that will not rank in Google and therefore cannot send you link value.

If you were to buy a brand new domain name and link it to your Cloud Hosting and upload your web page there, you would not start with a Page Authority of 1 but, for example, a Page authority of 40. However, Google also sees that you have a new domain. and are using the Cloud Hosting service so it is very easy to spot. Each new domain takes a long time to build the Trust score and in addition do you have a lot of unique content and relevant backlinks needed to build up that Trust Score.

Video: Easily Create A Backlink On The Google Cloud Hosting

Below is a simple explanation of how you can quickly and easily create a backlink on Google Cloud Hosting.

I hope this has taken some of the mystery out of cloud link building. We certainly don’t recommend it, but if you want to try it out we wish you good luck and if you’re too lazy to make them yourself you can buy them cheap on Fiverr! For those who like to go for relevance and high quality niche backlinks (we have niche links for almost all countries), you can request all options via the contact page! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on offers and new content!